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The "Salar" Channel

  Salar is the channel in Tashkent and Tashkent region. While flowing through the city center, it crosses Tashkent from north-east to south-west, absorbs water of Chauli and Burdzhar Channels. There used to be much water in the channel.

  According to historical information, Salar Canal was dug a thousand years ago. But there are also opinions about the natural origin of Salar as Chirchik Channel. There is ancient settlement Minguruk on one of the shores of Salar channel, which is the the ruins of the ancient city Chach (the ancient name of modern Tashkent).

  Legend says that ancient king of Tashkent was Zol, who built the ditch Zah. Iranian hero Rustam, who according to legend was Zol’s son, built Salar Channel. It is unknown where the channel ends. There are large channels Karakulduk and Niyazbash on the right side of the bed. Karakulduk and Karasu water flow into Chirchik River.

  Initially Salar Canal was natural stream of the river Chirchik, which was transformed into the channel. According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Salar Channel is the most polluted channel in the city.


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