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Central Asia 4 STAN tour - 5

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Tour itinerary: Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan
Season: April - October
Days: 12Nights: 11
Price: by request
Tour description:

Travel to Central Asia and enjoy feeling of pleasure and widened worldview.

This 4-stan tour starting in Kazakhstan, Almaty and ends by a city tour in Tashkent.

Day 1

Flight to Almaty. Arrival in the late afternoon. 

Leave the terminal and meet with your driver holding the sign 'ANUR TOUR' in the meeting zone.

Transfer to hotel.
You will have time to discuss the tour details with  company representative.
Leisure in the afternoon.
Day 2
   Breakfast at the hotel.
09:00 Start of Almaty city tour.
- Visit to Panfilov's Park with Zenkov's Orthodox Cathedral, Great Patriotic War Memorial and National Musical Instruments Museum;
- Visit Central Mosque and Green Bazaar;
- Drive to Medeo world skating rink. There will be an opportunity for a short hiking tour upstairs to the top of the dam to enjoy the beautiful view of surroundings;
- Take a cable car to Chimbulak ski resort;
Return to Almaty.
Day 3
Almaty - Bishkek
Transfer to the airport.
Departure from Almaty by morning flight of Air Astana.
Arrival in Bishkek. Leave the terminal and meet with your driver & guide , they will be holding the sign 'ANUR TOUR' in the meeting zone.
Transfer to Bishkek. Start your sightseeing tour visiting:
  • - Ala Archa National Park;

  • - Oak Park - city center. It is known also as Dubovy Park - today it is one of the favorite places among tourists in Bishkek. 

  • Ala-Too Square is the central square in Bishkek. It serves as a place for state events and celebrations. Philharmonic hall – situated at the top of Rose Alley.

  • - Statue of Manas (Manas is a legendary Kyrgyz hero and the classic centerpiece of Kyrgyz literature). 

  • - Victory Square, wherein the center you can see the Victory monument, a memorial which was completed in 1984. Usually, the main festival events are held in Bishkek at the eternal flame, on Victory Square, where is posted guard of honor, forces of Kyrgyz garrison and a military band.

  • - State History Museum is a perfect display of the Kyrgyz people and the history of the country of Kyrgyzstan.

  • - Visit the central bazaar.

  • Finish your excursion. Transfer to the hotel.


Day 4
Bishkek - Tashkent


A little free time in the morning. Transfer to the airport for a flight to Tashkent. (1h 10 min)

Arrival in Tashkent. Meet with a driver of 'ANUR TOUR',  transfer to the hotel.


Day 5


09:00 Meet the guide at the hotel lobby.

Start sightseeing tour of Tashkent (5-6 hrs) visiting old and new parts of it:

 Earthquake Memorialthe composition is devoted to the tragic date of earthquake in Tashkent on April 26, 1966, and is erected in the approximate place of the earthquake epicenter. Residents still come to the monument to honor those people who took a part in the reconstruction of Tashkent - the main square of Uzbekistan reflects the past, present, and future of the country; 

– Khast Imam Square – a religious center of the city consisting of the Barakkhan madrasah;

– Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum and the library of Islamic Literature with the Holy Koran Book of the VII century. 

– Visiting Chorsu marketplace and drive back to the new city by metro. 

Continue excursion with visiting Independence Square. There are fountains standing for life energy of Uzbek people, the “Eternal flame" in honor of soldiers who died during the World War II,  the arch " Good and noble aspiration" crowned with birds of happiness and prosperity, a road "Ok Yul" (“Good way”) leading to Independence Monument and monument to Happy Mother that symbolize the hope for a great future.

One can often see the newly-weds who start a family and independent life walking through the arch of “Good and noble aspirations”, laying flowers at the monument of Happy Mother and Eternal flame.

– Amir Temur Square

 Theatre Square with the Opera House

Back to the hotel. 


Day 6
Tashkent - Khujand


07:00 Meet up with our driver in your hotel and transfer to Uzbek - Tajik border (~100 km)

08:30 Arrival to "Aybek" border pass. Pass the border. Meet up with our Tajikistan staff and transfer to Khudjand (70 km, 1h.) – center of Sugd  region of Northern Tajikistan.

Khudjand was the furthest point Alexander the Great reached in Central Asia, the city was named Alexandria Eschate (Alexandria the Farthest), the city became one of the important entrepots on  the great Silk Road.

Start of the excursion program: 

- Pushkin square with Kamoli Khudjandi Square;

Timur Malik’s fortress and Sugd museum;

- Muslihiddin memorial complex;

Panjshanbe bazaar (Khujand’s central market that has many stores offering different kind of goods and services. The name Panjshanbe comes from Persian language meaning “Thursday”. Panjshanbe is considered as one of the oldest markets in Tajikistan. The Silk Road which passes Khujand city, had always made Panjshanbe to be crowded with traders and tourists).

Arbob Palace (Arbob palace had its particular significance in 1992, when it was the place for the meeting of the Tajik Soviet ministers which officially declared independence from the Soviet Union. Also, it was the site where the Tajik flag was chosen).

Finish your excursion.

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 7
Khujand - Istaravshan - Penjikent 
Transfer to Istaravshan. 

Arrival. Meet with a guide and take an excursion in Istaravshan - the center of handicraft, winemaking and dried fruits production. On top of that masters from Istaravshan product knives, carpets and national clothes. The hats from Tajikistan are very warm & beautiful, the knives don't lose their sharpness for long and the fruits can tell you everything about Central Asian sun.

Finish your excursion. Transfer back to Penjikent, then - to the border pass 'Oybek'.

Pass the border and meet with a driver on the Uzbek side.

Transfer to Samarkand. Hotel check-in.


Day 8
09:00 Meet with a 'ANUR TOUR''s guide & driver and start your excursion in Samarkand:

– Gur Emir Mausoleum – a burial vault of Timur the Great and his descendants decorated with gold ornaments and considered as one of the most significant places in the world;

– Continue to the famous Registan Square – the heart of Samarkand and a real masterpiece of Central Asian medieval architecture consists of three grandiose buildings: Ulughbek Madrassa, Madrassa Sherdor, and Madrassa Tilla Kori;

– Bibi Khanim Mosque – the biggest medieval building in the city which was one of the most magnificent mosques in the Islamic world in 15 Century;

– Shahi Zinda Necropolis – unique complex of Mausoleums  formed by standing on both sides of the cenotaph (an imaginary grave) belonging to the Muslim person named Saint Abbas ibn-Kussam;

– Ulugbek’s Observatory – the finest astronomical centers in the medieval world was built by order of Ulugbek, an outstanding scholar and astronomer;

– Samarkand bazaar – Siyab.

Finish excursion. Transfer back to hotel.


Day 9
Samarkand - Shakhrisabz - Bukhara


Departure to Bukhara by car via Shakhrisabz. (~340 km)

Arrival in Shakhrisabz. Meet with your guide. Start your walking excursion around Shakhrisabz (2-3 hours).

There is not so much you could sightsee, in comparison with Samarkand, his so-called older brother. But sights of Shakhrisabz are truly unique. 

If you drive to Shakhrisabz from Bukhara - you will have to pass a mountain pass called ‘Takhtakaracha’. The road cafe up there cooking meat probably better than some restaurant with 3 Michelin stars. You can sit on ‘ayvan’, with a piece of mutton shashlik and take lunch while spectating a stunning view of Uzbek nature.

Sights of Shakhrisabz:

- Ak Saray Palace (“White Palace”), the ruins of the summer palace of Tamerlane. The palace was constructed and decorated by deported from conquered Khorezm skillful builders, masters and artisans. Some parts of the gate tower survived to the present day.

- Mausoleum of Dorus-Saodat ("The Place of Power", XIV century) contains the tomb of Eldest and favorite Tamerlane’s son Jahongir.

- Visit Kok Gumbaz, so-called “House of Meditation”

- Mausoleum Gumbazi-Seyidon of the XVI century where the descendants of Ulugbek are buried. 

Finish your excursion. Walk back to your driver and continue the way to Bukhara.

Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.


Day 10


09:00 Meet your guide at the hotel's lobby and start WALKING excursion around Bukhara:

– Ensemble Lyabi Hauz (Nadir Divanbegi Madrassa, Khanaka, Kukeldash Madrassa and the monument of Khodja Nasreddin);

– Magoki Attari Mosque is one of the oldest mosques survived in Bukhara from the time before the Mongolian invasion; 

– Abdullakhan’s Tim with numerous handicraft stores offering you souvenirs, ceramics, national clothes, and carpets; 

– Caravanserai Saifuddin (the Center of Handicraft Development of Bukhara);

– There are three trading places or so-called covered bazaars: Toki Sarrofon, Toki Telpak Furushon, and Toki Zargaron preserved from the XVI century. These bazaars were the centers for trade of silk, jewelry and even for money exchange. Today as well, one can enjoy and purchase different souvenirs of a wide range, from small souvenir magnets to the famous Bukhara carpets;

– Visit Ulughbek and Abdulazizkhan Madrassas or so-called Kosh (pare) madrassas standing in front of each other with a distinctive style of facade ornamental decoration;

– Poi Kalon Square with Kalon Minaret and Mosque, Mir Arab Madrassa – the heart of Bukhara, a monumental complex impressing the imagination of every visitor;

- Ark Fortress – the oldest citadel dating back to I century BC where one can feel the history of the great fortress covered in beautiful legends and myths.

Optionally can be added by request: a quick visit to Samanids mausoleum (IX century), a monument of early medieval architecture with a local guide.

Finish your excursion. Back to the hotel.


Day 11
Bukhara - Tashkent

Leisure / free time in the afternoon.

14:50 Transfer to Bukhara Railway station;

15:50 Transfer to Tashkent by "Afrasiyob" high-speed train.

19:44 Arrival in Tashkent. Meet with our driver at the railway station, who will wait for you with a sign “ANUR TOUR”.

Transfer to the hotel.


Day 12
Departure to your home destination country by the closest flight.
End of the tour.








Porso / Asl 

Devon Begi / Sofia / Asia Bukhara / Malika Bukhara


Malika Classic / Bibi Khanum

Dilimah / Grand Samarkand / Emirhan


Shodlik / Uzbekistan

Navruz / Aster Group Hotel / Gloriya / Praga


Green Yard



Ak Keme




Price of the tour:

Number of participants

Price in Standart

Price in Comfort

1 person



2-3 persons



4-5 persons



6-8 persons



Single supplement



Tour Price includes:
  • - Accommodation in standard twin - shared rooms;

  • - Meals: breakfast at hotels;

  • - All transfers as per program by comfortable tourist class transport including transfers to-from airport and train stations ;  

  • - English speaking professional licensed  local guides  (5 standard excursions);

  • - Single entry tickets to the sites, museums, mausoleums as per program;

  • - All the train tickets mentioned in the program;

  • - Tourist tax in the hotels per person;

Tour Price does not include:
  • - International/domestic air tickets mentioned in a program;

  • - Photo/video fees (professional camera);

  • - Transport for walking city tours like in Bukhara, guide and transport service for free time and after the standard city tours;

  • - Meals: lunches and dinners; 

  • - Personal/travel insurance, portage, tips, personal expenses and other services not specified under “Tour Price Includes”.

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