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A 'Sharq Taronalari' festival
Published: Today

This festival has started its history from 1997 year, when a president of fresh new reformed Uzbekistan implemented an event to just entertain tired and exhausted people. At first, it hit 13 counties with 31 persons participating. The place of hosting it was chosen wisely - Registon Square is probably the most known place of Uzbekistan. Today our 'Music of the East' became one of the most popular and famous festivals not only in Central Asia but also abroad. The bright evidence to this is that year after year not only the number and the artistic level of participants are increasing, but also a geographical range of participating countries is widened.' - says the official website of the festival. As creators say - the goal of festival is simple - to promote as many young but talented musical bands as they can. 'Music of the world is supposed to be for everyone. Music from simple people...

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The annual festival Silk and Spices in Bukhara
Published: 14 october 2019

The annual festival "Silk and Spices", held in Bukhara, is perhaps one of the main events in the cultural life of Uzbekistan. This event attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world and reveals the culture of the Eastern people. If you go back to history, then ancient Bukhara celebrated its 2500-th anniversary in 1997, but in fact, it is an actively developing city. Bukhara is very well located in the middle of the route of the Great Silk Road and represents a colossal historical and cultural heritage. It is for this reason that the UNESCO has included it in the list of historically important objects of the world. In recent years, the festival "Silk and Spices" has significantly increased the number of participating countries. Recently, masters from India, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan have participated in the event. The event is striking in its scale - about ...

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Open Central Asia
Published: 03 july 2018

Central Asia is unique and diverse region situated in the heart of the largest continent. Open Central Asia is a good slogan and it has several meanings.  Open heart First of all people who have lived in Central Asia for many centuries are really open and hospitable. They are always glad to see new guests. This is the most probable thing that you’ll hear from anyone who has been to any of central Asian countries at least once.  Open visa Central Asia today is more open that it was 25 years ago.  Appropriate political and visa regulations were introduced by the different countries of the region to welcome guests.  The only exclusion is Turkmenistan but it isn’t difficult to collect visa with our company’s LOI. Of course the region is far from the ideal yet but everything is improving. Open unique region  It’s very good offer and eve...

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Museum of Winemaking at Khovrenko Winery
Published: 17 may 2016

Wine is one of the oldest and popular drinks all over the world. Many called it “a gift of God” because it gives vitality to men and women. Uzbekistan isn’t an exception and locals honor the drink. Arrival of Alexander the Great spurred the development of winemaking in the region. At the same time, it was observed that the grape grown in the territory of Samarkand differ by particularly sweet taste. Winemaking  However, in the VII-VIII centuries, the vineyards were completely cut down, and winemaking was discontinued. Production was revived again in the late XIX century, when the Russian businessman Dmitriy Filatov arrived in Samarkand. He didn’t only produce wine, but also introduce new varieties of grapes. In a short time he was able to assemble a unique collection that had great popularity abroad. Some years later M. Khovrenko continued the work of D. Fi...

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Yallachi art
Published: 28 may 2015

Yallachi are actresses, acted in female cultural events and rituals. They danced, sang songs and put small comic performances. Yallachi were very popular in Kokand khanate and also in Ferghana Valley. Actresses mostly acted at the wedding ceremonies and other calendar holidays, but they also acted on the sad events. In that case the repertoire changed. Sad songs began in the room and then continued in the courtyard, when girls and women gathered around a campfire. Repertoire of yallachi In every event sounded the same songs as Yor-Yor, Lapar and Yala. But actresses often improvised, made new songs verses and sometimes represented their own works. Dancing occupied a special place – everybody liked to dance or to watch dances. That’s why no one event passed without dancing. The dance movements are often used in the cycle "Kata kyin" and "Honabazm." It’s whirling (Charkh...

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The theatre of historical costume "El Merosi"
Published: 25 september 2013

  The theatre of historical costume "El Merosi"("The People's Heritage") has been working since 2005. Today, the theatre "El Merosi" offers you the costumes of different epochs. Thanks to them, we can get acquainted with the secrets and laws of folk art’s beauty.   In Samarkand theatre of historical costume "El merosi" you can see the life and traditions of the residents of our region from the earliest times to the present. Here are the costumes of different historical periods:  - Costume of Scythian horsemen and warriors of the first millennium BC, was created based on the Hermitage collection, the Institute of Oriental Studies and the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The leather fabrics and animal skins were used for their production.  - Anahita costume of 6th century BC, was created based on the funds of the Samarkand Museum of History, found on Afrasiab se...

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Folk show in madrasah Nadir Divan-Begi
Published: 18 july 2013

  Nadir Devan-Begi is one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval madrasahs of Bukhara. Here tourists and visitors can enjoy the performance of the folk ensemble and national performance, accompanied with live music. Here, in the madrasah Nadir Devan-Begi, you will have a unique opportunity to join the culture of the Uzbek people, to feel an oriental spirit, including traditional dances music, cuisine etc.   Folk show begins with silent national music, which gradually turns into a great show. The repertoire of the program is very interesting. You will see the dances of various regions of Uzbekistan: Uzbek national dance, Fergana classical dance, Khorezm folk dance, as well as Tajik and Arab dancing. Between dances, beautiful girls demonstrate fashion show of exquisite collections that combine modern fashion and national traditions.   Enjoying the performance of fol...

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