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Anur Tour - team

The staff of Anur Tour is a family of high-end professionals. We prefer to keep the staff small but close to each other. Each of us is able to provide you the highest level of services and comfort. All of us have different interests and life goals, but we have a common purpose - to show Uzbekistan & Central Asia to everyone who wants to!


Raubaev Muminjon

Ceo and founder of Anur Tour

Working as intended - together with his team and leads the company to the #1 position in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Sir Muminjon working in tourism industry for more than 23 years and is a rational knowledgeable person to the bones.


Shaposhnikova Elina

Senior tour operator

To be honest, she never wanted to be a tourism consultant or handler. But the destiny decided otherwise - and here we go - today Elina gathering all the 5-stars reviews from our guests! 

She is a happy mom to two gorgeous sons and her dream is to make world rid of hunger and thirst.


Khilola Mirvosikiy

Tour operator

She grew up as a targeted tour agent and she never did a step back. Why? Because her parents didn’t want her to be involved in tourism or anything similar. To prove to them that she is able to become a professional Khilola decided to pay for her study on her own.

The result is here: guests have said that she does an amazing job and her work could be rated as 5-star.

Khilola wants the world to be cleaner. She cares for nature and tried to defeat inner Laziness.


Irgashev Rustam

Tour operator

A truly expert in everything about Bukhara. Can easily become a guide but we currently have no one to replace him because his skill in making treaties with hotels and getting the lowest possible prices for you are marvelous. 

Rustam thinks that no one can cook Bukhara dishes in Tashkent but also doesn’t want to cook anything on his own for us. 

‘I have a wife to test my cooking skills on’ - he says. 


Narzikulova Zarina

Senior tour operator


Raubaev Zhakhangir

Senior tour operator

Mr.Zhakhangir lives in two worlds - between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Most of the Central Asia tours are provided by his help and knowledge. You might get confused because of his young look but don’t. His wiseness doesn’t affect his look somehow. 

Zhakhangir knows 4 languages and likes German cars. Why? Because honestly, he thinks that no other vehicle can survive a road between Kazakhstan border and Tashkent. 



Senior tour operator


Abdullayeva Dilafruzkhon

Senior tour operator


Khaydarov Navruzbek

Tour operator

His Spanish skill is bigger than native Uzbek’s. He was born in March 21st so his mother chose his name wisely. A truly New Year’s child Navruzbek nowadays helping us to translate anything from Uzbek/Russian/English to Spanish.

He is still a student but also a willing worker.


Azizbek Mamatkulov

Tour operator



Shakirova Iris

Account manager


Olga Granova

Content manager

Just a modest invisible person trying to improve her English skills through site optimization. :) She personally dislikes sunlight and thinks that being a leftie is a win in lottery.