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Customs regulations

Upon arrival in Uzbekistan, tourists need to be aware of import and export of currency and goods laws, established by the Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

If you are leaving the Republic of Uzbekistan, keep in mind that individuals can freely export:

From January 1, 2019, it is permitted to export goods from the Republic of Uzbekistan to individuals without filling customs declaration for a total value of 5 000 US dollars.

An amount of up to $2,000, as well as goods having the equivalent of $ 1,000, carried through railway and river customs control points, are also not subject to customs declaration.
An amount of up to $2,000, and goods having the equivalent of $ 300, transported through road and on foot customs control points are not subject to customs declaration.

Anything that has a cost higher is subject to a declaration. Entries are made by hand and legibly. The resident or non-resident is responsible to all items of the declaration.

The first copy of the customs declaration, duly executed, should be returned to the inspector of the customs authority to the person who filled out the declaration. The declaration is maintained for the duration of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan. If lost, it does not resume.

The import of cash foreign currency

Individuals may import into the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan an unlimited amount of cash foreign currency. If cash foreign currency is more than $ 2,000, the passenger should fully cover it in the customs declaration:

Cash foreign currency in the amount of more than 5000 US dollars or its equivalent in another foreign currency is transferred to the Republic of Uzbekistan with obligatory filling out of the customs declaration, and cash foreign currency in the amount exceeding the equivalent of 5000 US dollars is transferred to the republic with the issuance of a certificate TC-28.

Customs regulations:
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