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Parkent was settled in 1984 year and now being an administrative center of Parkent district. Its known for having a Solar Furnace (the property of Uzbekistan Solar Insitute) and Champagne village. These are significant places of Parkent and tourist spots.

solar institute in parkent, Uzbekistan

Near the city there are several pensions: Kumyshkan, Sumcha and Sukok. The terrain is mountainous and greenly. Autumn in Parkent comes earlier because of it. The town is being protected by two mountain ranges - Chatkal and Tyan-Shan. 

People of Parkent are mostly farmers and builders - and the food spots are everywhere - from $3 for lunch till $10.

We offer a tour to Parkent: excursion to the Solar Furnace and Winery in Champagne village. Price starts from $50/person for a group of 5 people and it could be disccused in our Whatsapp or email.



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