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Bukhara city tours

Sacred Bukhara is a magnificent ancient city, a well-known place of pilgrimage and a major touristic city of the Great Silk Road famous for irresistible charms carefully veiling the beautiful legends and presented in dreamlike majestic architectural complexes reviving the Arabian nights in Central Asia. We are glad to offer a wide range of tour packages around must-see sights in Bukhara - from budget and group tours to individual and private family trips and luxury tours around the Great Silk Road and Central Asia. Start your train trip from Bukhara to Samarkand, or take a Mary tour from Bukhara to discover the marvelous ancient fortresses. Take an excursion in Bukhara with experienced guides, short or train tours by Afrosiab fast train or night train Tashkent - Bukhara, choose the cultural travel itinerary or ziyorat tours to the main attractions to enjoy the incomparable beauty and relaxing atmosphere of Bukhara.