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Weekend Tours

Weekend Tours Weekend in Uzbekistan means monuments-meals-public places. We aren't sure if you'd like to see/try something else. Most of the food places in Uzbekistan expect guests even from Friday's night and if you want to try something special - please, be fast about it!  We suggest tours to Samarkand by train or tour to Bukhara done by local avialines - that's how you can save your time. Some people combine weekend tour with Uzbek holidays, so they can get invited to the common Uzbek people's chill and rest by sudden.
Tour to Aydarkul in two days
Explore a new world of adventure by visiting the Yurt Camp near beautiful lake Aydarkul.
Bukhara and Samarkand by train
We are glad to present you a short but very interesting tour with visiting blessed Bukhara and famou...
Bukhara and Samarkand in two days
Acknowledge more about Samarkand and Bukhara by this short tour