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Tashkent City Tours

Discover Tashkent by our one day city tour: private/group/guided - is a good way to explore the capital of Uzbekistan and acknowledge more about this ancient city. Tashkent was established almost 2500 years ago but it was always a heart of old Turkestan and Central Asia in general. He had different names - from Shash to Jash or Shash - but every name of him had the same stable meaning - stone or stone-made. Now Tashkent remains as one of the brightest Central Asian stars - and with a time pass it gathers just more and more modern chic mixed with oriental culture and spirit .
One day tour in Tashkent
A one-day tour in Tashkent is a great spending of your free time or weekend. During the tour you will visit the city center with its attractions, and ...
One day tour to Khiva from Tashkent
We invite you to Khiva, to the Open Air Museum
Day Tour to Samarkand from Tashkent by Afrosiyob train
Tour to Samarkand. Samarkand — the pearl of Uzbekistan!
Intensive MICE tour to Tashkent
One day tour to Khujand from Tashkent
Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the biggest city in Tajikistan for only 1 day!
Tour to Fergana from Tashkent
Give yourself the history of the most skillful masters of the East on a tour of the Fergana Valley!
We offer you a one-day tour to Bukhara on the main attractions of antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Tashkent City Tour
Tashkent is an unusual megapolis where you can see unique combination of ancient monuments and modern buildings.
Two days Samarkand tour from Tashkent
This city awaits for its guests since long time and every Mosaic part of it is glittering in the sun rays.