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 FAQ - What to do in Uzbekistan, is it safe and worth it?

Checkpoints in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To get on the territory of Uzbekistan, you can use the air-transport route, train, bus or cross the border through the checkpoint. There are some checkpoints in Uzbekistan such as Alat-road transport, Dustlik- road transport, Yallama-road transport, Shavat-road transport, Karakalpakiya-road transport, Oibek-road-transport, Chernyaevka-pedestrian, etc.

International checkpoint of Uzbekistan with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan-"Dustlik-road transport" works from 08.00 am to 20.00 pm in summer and from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm in winter.

Checkpoint “Drujba-road transport” on the boarder with the Republic of Turkmenistan runs from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm.

Checkpoint “Yallama-road transport” on the boarder with the Republic of Kazakhstan works all day and night. Here you are expected a taxi driver who will take you to the nearest metro station. It takes one hour to get to Tashkent.

Checkpoint “Chernyaevka” (Gisht-Kuprik) – pedestrian on the boarder with the Republic of Kazakhstan works all day and night.

Checkpoint " Oibek-road-transport" on the boarder with the the Republic of Tajikistan runs from 08.00 am to 18.00 pm.

Visa to Uzbekistan.Visa requirements for tourists coming to Uzbekistan.

Shortly said, the whole visa information could be found here. We suggest to use Ctrl + F function to quickly find out about your country visa to Uzbekistan. 

In general, visa to Uzbekistan is cheap, the avg. price is $30 for 30 calendar days. Also, you won't have to worry about your registration, unless you want to rent an apartment - all the hotels & tour operators help with it.

Uzbek currency. Currency exchange.

The name of the Uzbek currency unit is sum. The banknotes of 100, 200, 500 and 1000 sum are in circulation. On arrival in Uzbekistan you can exchange your currency for the Uzbek sum at the airport and banks. The exchange offices are also located near the bazaars and markets. 

When paying, you can use your credit card. But only few hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards. Also, technical problems may occur while using them. Therefore, we ask you to use your credit cards as a fallback, but not the general kind of payment.

Water in Uzbekistan - is it safe to drink?

It is not recommended to drink tap water, but you can use the boiled water. The mineral water in the plastic bottles is sold in the hotels, restaurants and shops, or there are special capacities (boilers) with cleaned water. Going on tour, we recommend you to store with a lot of water, as summer in Uzbekistan is rather sultry. 

Meals, food spots, fast foods

Uzbekistan is famous for tasty national dishes. There are many restaurants of all kinds to fit any taste. The cuisine is different: Uzbek, Russian, Korean and European dishes. You may eat meal in the cafés or choykhona (a café, where you may drink tea and even eat). It is safe enough. Before eating fruits, you are recommended to wash before consume them. 

What language is spoken in Uzbekistan?

The state language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek. In separate regions of the country people speak Tajik and Kazakh. In big cities you may hear the Russian language. Young people and businessmen speak English.


In Tashkent there are both public transport and taxi. You can easily go from one part of the city to another by metro (3 branches). In Tashkent the subway is underground, but only in some places it rises. You can also go by buses, trams and fixed-run taxi round the city. We recommend you the subway. The metro is more spacious; it is cool in summer and warm in winter in the subway. Moreover, Tashkent metro is one of the most beautiful subways in the world. Metro stations have their own unique architectural look. But you ought to obtain a permit for making pictures.

You can call a taxi by phone or catch a taxi in the street. The second method is cheaper than the first one, but it is not safe for foreign visitors.

Suburban transport - buses, taxi. For long-distance trips - trains and aircrafts of local airlines.

Safety in the streets 

Uzbekistan is very safe. It is safe to walk in the streets. People are peaceful and hospitable. But it is not advisable to stroll about the dark streets in the night alone.

Restrictions on clothing

The style of dress is different. You can meet people in the national and European clothing. In summer it is recommended to wear a cap to avoid sunlight. Going on tour, you should wear comfortable shoes and cool cotton clothing.

When visiting mosques, mausoleums and temples throw a headscarf over the shoulders and head. Mainly it is concern of women. You also should not wear shorts in such places.

Mobile communication

There are three main operators of mobile communication in Uzbekistan. They are: UCELL, Beeline and Perfectum Mobile. You may become the user of one of them at the head offices or branches, as well as in some offices of PayNet. You can also top up your account here. 

Ability to move around the cities without a passport or ID card

It is possible to walk around the city without the passport, but it would be better to have it with you. You should have the permanent registration also. You may be on the territory of Uzbekistan legally without the registration for 3 days (72 hours). You should have the passport with your hotel registration with you.

Entertainment in Uzbekistan

There are many places of entertainment.

They are: theatres, cinemas, museums, recreation sites, parks, restaurants, different cafes and night clubs where theme parties are held. We also suggest you to visit newly built Tashkent-city: musical fountain, modern architecture, ancient restored mosque and a garden are waiting there for you.

Health and  safety

If you feel unwell or become ill, you can address the reception and use the medical insurance policy.
You can obtain the medical insurance in your home country, being sure with your insurance agent that it will be active in Uzbekistan.

Fire safety -101
Police - 102
First aid - 103
Gas service  - 104

Places where you can  buy souvenirs

You may get souvenirs at the bazaars of the city (for example, Chorsu), in the souvenir shops of the hotels, in craft shops of historical sights (for example, Khast Imam) and in city shopping centers or souvenirs shops like Kanishka, LaLi or Black Quail if you're interested in modern Uzbek fashion.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan?

Spring (April - June) and Fall (September - October) are generally the most pleasant seasons to travel. The weather is mild and in April the desert blooms briefly. Fall is harvest time, and the markets are full of fresh fruits. Summer (July and August) is the top time for trekking, as it is almost dry.


Line voltage in Uzbekistan is 220 volt. Standard two-pin plugs and sockets. Frequency: 50 Hz.

Custom regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

On arrival  in the Republic of Uzbekistan, tourists must fill in customs declaration forms (Form T6). They must be filled, even if you think you have nothing to declare.

 To get additional information please follow the link:Custom regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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