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Uzbekistan Festivals 2021

Whenever it comes up for having fun and emotions - Uzbek people know it all! 

Uzbekistan Festivals

Speaking in generalUzbek festivals contain dances, music, national events & challenges such as kurash or horse riding. During these festivals, you'll be able to listen to most known & popular Uzbek melodies, dance under them, try different dishes - from bakery to plov with salad 'achi-chuq', try yourself in many coaching lessons, and even ride on horseback!

Most of these festivals take their places in ancient & cultural spots of Uzbekistan. For example, 'Boysun Bahori' festival usually placed in a small town called Boysun nearby Boysuntau mountains. During this festival, the weather stays warm but little windy tho it's normal for most of the Uzbek people.

Every Uzbek festival attracts a lot of tourists coming over from all over the world. Each of these festivals represents a whole ton of historical and cultural meaning of Uzbek and not only mentalities and spirits.

Not only Uzbek masters participate in these events but people from other Asian countries take their part. So, heading over to such a kind of event will always be a good idea for any traveler or curious one.

Schedule of Uzbekistan tourism festivals and events in 2021

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