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Khiva city-museum

Khiva or as often referred city –museum, is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, located on the north-western part of Uzbekistan, in a large agricultural oasis of Khorezm. Khiva was also known as Kheyvak town founded about 2500 years ago.

In the end of XVI Century Khiva was the capital of Khiva Khanate and an important cultural center of Khorezm until 1918 when the khanate was overthrown. Nowadays, the main historical architectural sights of Khiva belong to the Khiva Khanate period of the end of the 19th Century. In this large architectural reserve numerous mosques, mausoleums, madrassahs remained in a good condition.

Most of the architectural masterpieces of Khiva is concentrated in its urban centre – Ichan-Kala. It is "the city within a city" surrounded by strong fortified walls, with four gates – from the four corners of the world. One the main roads passes from the western gate to the east along the main monumental structures.  In 1990 the city museum Khiva has been included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

Modern Khiva is a city with population of 90000 citizens, one of the major touristic centers of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. All classic and excursion tours to Uzbekistan would be incomplete without trip to Khorezm and Khiva. In 1997, Khiva celebrated its 2500 anniversary, the same year Khoresm Academy of Ma’mun has been reorganized. Khorezm was a scientific ground for such world known scholars as Abu Rayhon Berumiy (Al-Biruni), Abu Ali ibn Sino (Avicenna), Al-Khorazmiy (Algorithmi) and many others. Khiva is a center of modern handicrafts and applied arts, famous for its carvers in wood and stone, jewelers, engravers and carpet makers.

The closest airport is the Urgench International Airport, located 30 km from the city. In 2018 the train station was launched connecting Khiva with Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent.


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