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Kurnysh-khan Palace


One of the significant constructions of the old citadel Kunua-Ark is Kurnysh-khan Palace. This magnificent building was erected in 1806. The architecture of the building is traditional oriental décor with numerous rooms, decorated with beautiful majolica patterns. Kurnysh-khan Palace is the residence of the governor, intended for official receptions.

  There is a courtyard with aivan in the centre of the palace. Aivan walls are covered with mosaic panels, decorated with floral and geometric patterns. Once there used to be throne room with a magnificent wooden throne, which unfortunately didn’t preserve to the present day. Thanks to the written sources it is known that the throne was decorated with silver embossment, where were written the verses from Koran. Beside the magnificent throne room, there was also the vault of khan’s treasure and library with a collection of old Arabic manuscripts. The magnificence and luxury of Kurnysh Khan Palace and Akshi Bobo architectural asceticism supplement each other that attract the tourists from around the world.


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