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Memorial complex of Memory of Repression Victims

  Memorial complex of Memory of Repression Victims was opened in 2002, located in one of the most beautiful places in Tashkent, opposite the TV Tower. The complex consists of two buildings, devoted to the victims of Stalin repression, as well as park and rotunda with a memorial stone. Rotunda is the building with the dome of turquoise color, based on eight marble columns.

  Here, in this unusually beautiful place, you can often see newlyweds, especially in autumn, summer and spring. There is an inscription in three languages on the memorial stone: “The memory of those who died for their country will live forever”.

  Museum of Memory of Repression Victims was opened on August 31, 2002, located near the memorial. The building interior is made in oriental style, adorned with national ornaments. The highlight of the décor is skillful carving, made by Tashkent craftsmen. The museum expositions has documents and photographs.

  It was decide to build identical building of the museum in honor of 20-th anniversary of Independent of Uzbekistan. Today, the building complex consists of two buildings-twins, where visitors like to be photographed.

  Museum of Memory of Repression Victims is the only museum in Central Asia, dedicated to the victims of Stalin repressions. Having visited the museum, you will introduce with the history of the civil disorders in Uzbekistan, the collapse of the Kokand Autonomy in 1918 and many other useful and interesting information.


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