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The State Art Museum of Uzbekistan

  One of the largest museums in Central Asia is the State Art Museum of Uzbekistan, built in 1918. In 1924 it was Tashkent Museum of Art, and in 1935 it was renamed to the Museum of Art of Uzbekistan. Originally, the museum was situated in the former palace of Prince Romanov, but in 1974 new building of the museum was built by the architects I. Abdulov, A.K. Nikiforov and S. Rosenblum.

  Initially, the museum's collection included only 100 works of art Prince Nikolai Romanov. But after its establishment, the museum collection was added by the works of Moscow and Leningrad museums. So, from 1920 till 1924 there were 116 works of Russian art of the XVIII and XX centuries: the works of V.L. Borovikovskiy, K.P.Brullov, N.A. Yaroshenko, I.E. Repin, and many others.

  There are also interesting exhibits of decorative folk art of Western Europe, Eastern Art and Uzbekistan. The section of decorative folk art has ancient exhibits from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD, found during excavations on the territory of southern Uzbekistan. The exhibits of Western Europe include fine and applied art of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Flanders, Holland and England. Eastern countries represent exhibits of applied art of South Korea, China, Japan, India and Iran.

  Having visited the State Art Museum of Uzbekistan, you will spend an interesting and informative tour, acquainted with the art of the East and the West.


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