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Tashkent railway station

  Tashkent railway station is one of the main hubs of the capital of Uzbekistan. The first railway line was connected by Tashkentand Krasnovodsk on May 1, 1899. The railway line Tashkent – Orenburg was opened on January 1, 1906, connecting Uzbekistan not only with Russia, but also with all countries of the Eurasian continent.

  The railway station “Tashkent” (North) was built in 1899 by architect GM Svarichevskiy. Its façade was divided into three parts. After the earthquake, the building was repeatedly renovated. There used to be large clock above the central entrance. In 1957 the new building was constructed. During the Second World War hundreds of thousands of refugees came here from Eastern Europe. The same name metro station "Tashkent" was built in 1984.

  There used to be a dining room for the railwaymen, service shops etc. The railway station “Tashkent” is separated from the city by Salar Channel. The project of a modern building belongs to the architecs L. Travyanko, V. Rusanov, V. Biryukov.

  Today, the Tashkent Railway Station (North) is a major transport hub, providing transportation of passengers not only regional but also international destinations.


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