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General information: to be correct there is only a river that is called Beldersay. The place has inherited it because of a known place for skiing and snowboarding nearby. Also, there is a resort called Beldersay aswell. 

Where: Beldersay located 5 km away from Chimgan touristic base. You can drive there from Tashkent on a taxi from the taxi station located on Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro stop or you can take an electric train from Gazalkent. However, clients of Anur Tour barely need to think about transportation: we always include transfers to the tour destinations by default. 

skiing in beldersay

Climbing to the top of the Beldersay Gorge - to see petroglyphs - cave paintings made by primitive hunters. The average age of the drawings is 6-10 millennia. These arts represent scenes from the life of ancient human being - a hunter, a collector, a survivor. Our ancestors prefer to draw scenes of hunting for wild animals, such as bulls and mammoths. But there are also pictures of first friends of humanity: dogs, cats, and other small pets. 

Things to do in Beldersay: skiing, skiing, and skiing! Every year there is a championship among snowboarders and enthusiasts. Beldersay has 3 tracks for different purposes: for beginners, averages and advanced people. And if you're tired of it - you can take a rest on a cableway car. Its length only 3000m but it flies above the deep gorge and snowed mountain peaks. 

On top of these events, you can always take a walk and just sightsee mountains, nature, and birds flying above. Or there is a fishing service down the Nurekata river. 

Where to accommodate in Beldersay: there are several hotels 3-star or 4-star rated at which we usually accommodate our guests. However, for backpackers and budget tours we can offer hostels with bed and breakfast. 

Prices for these hotels & hostels start from $75 up to $150 per person per night.


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