Tours To Uzbekistan

Classic Uzbekistan Tours

Cultural tours to Central Asia and Uzbekistan in particular are made for providing you the most possible immersion into the secrets of Oriental traditions and history. The biggest centers of history & culture of Uzbekistan are Bukhara, Fergana, Samarkand, Gijduvan and Khiva. Central Asian bazaars, painted in all 7 colors, will never let anybody to walk past and don't even take a look. 

During prolonged tours in Uzbekistan (those which are from 8 days) you will have excursions to Nurata, Shakhrisabz and Fergana Valley with Rishtan and Andijan visits.

Culture of Uzbekistan is being in some very oriental views from the mountain peak or lake shore; in the music coming from the street musician’s dutor, in the dissolving smell of plov and samsa; and in street foods cafés, located everywhere aside from wide streets and big objects.

You will never feel a real spirit of Uzbekistan if you don't travel in for at least 7 days. We suggest you to spend as much time at oriental bazaars as you can - to try out different foods, to buy some national clothes and tubeteikas, and to have some real good small talks with the locals.

Welcome to Uzbekistan! Please, enjoy your stay!