Tours To Uzbekistan

Classic Uzbekistan Tours

   Cultural tours to Uzbekistan are presented in a wide range of travel packages. Book a perfect trip and explore the Central Asian wonders, feel the breeze of adventure, discover an oriental fairytale. The whole specter of architectural beauty, well-preserved traditions of local people, various and delicious cuisine makes  Uzbekistan a must-visit place for private, family, and group trips. Enjoy the charming Great Silk Road cities with guided excursions to majestic Khiva, Bukhara, Shahrisabz, Samarkand, sunny and flourishing Tashkent, Kokand, Fergana, and Andijan, ancient Khorezm, and outstanding Termez. Take a chance to participate in exciting masterclasses in Gijduvan, Rishtan, and Margilan handicraft centers.

   Uzbekistan takes one of the leading positions of the safest, most popular, and interesting touristic destinations in Central Asia for the major historical and authentic cultural sights, as well as gorgeous natural places such as Nurata, Fergana Valley, Chimgan mounts, Charvak lake, and the Aral Sea.

   Uzbek food is tasty and varies from region to region. Try delicious plov, samsa, manti, and many other dishes to enjoy all shades of gastronomic paradise.

Welcome to Uzbekistan for classic trips at good prices!