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Thematic tours in Uzbekistan

Thematic tours in Uzbekistan offering you to visit charming Samarkand, stunning Bukhara or hot hot Khiva - these cities always have something to show you. Our company 'Anur Tour' invites everyone to visit Uzbekistan and take a look on the most known places in it such as Amir Temur burial, Registon square or desert views from ancient Bukharas' walls. Our tour packages offer the best price and the biggest comfort. Travelling in Uzbekistan with 'Anur Tour' is that what you look for!
Bird-watching tour in Uzbekistan
Take bird-watching holiday and wildlife trips along Uzbekistan!
Cultural-religious tours of the cities of Uzbekistan
An amazing cultural and thematic tour of the most sacred architectural monuments of the cities of Uz...
Gastronomic tour around Uzbekistan
Anur Tour Company offers a delicious spicy gastronomic tour of the main cities of Uzbekistan