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Short tours

Short tours to Uzbekistan is a great opportunity to take a quick look on the most known places of country without diving in. Tours to Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara for not longer than 2 days aren't going to be expensive but informative and pure.

Most of the travelers in Uzbekistan prefer to purchase short tour packages during their national holidays or global common. Each and any of our short tours to Uzbekistan could be added to your main one - just let us know before you end it.  

We offer short tours all around Uzbekistan: 2 days tour to Samarkand, private excursions in Khiva or Bukhara, 3 days tour from Nukus to Muynak and back, and more more coming on the way! 

All tours have guides included, and usually we transfer our guests on trains and comfortable vehicles - with a/c and good driver. (except Khiva and Bukhara, their streets are too tiny to let cars ride.

2-days trip to Samarkand
A short trip to Samarkand and back by train 'Afrosiyob'.
Tour to Fergana from Tashkent
Give yourself the history of the most skillful masters of the East on a tour of the Fergana Valley!
Two days Samarkand tour from Tashkent
This city awaits for its guests since long time and every Mosaic part of it is glittering in the sun...
"Afrosiyob" speed Train Tour
Afrosiyob - the fastest train in Uzbekistan. Speeds up to 240 km/h and the road to Samarkand will be...
Tour to Kunya Urgench and Gaz Crater Darvaza
Welcome to a two-day tour to the mysterious crater Darvaza, which has not ceased to burn for the pas...
Samarkand and Bukhara short tour
Discover main pearls of Uzbekistan by visiting these two cities