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Trains schedule in Uzbekistan: on Afrosiyob or Sharq

Trains in Uzbekistan are mostly new and tourism-oriented. In late 2010x the government decided to purchase high speed Spanish trains 'Talgo' to help citizens travel between cities fast and safe. The highest speed train got called 'Afrosiyob', in honor of ancient settlement in the heart of Samarkand. Standard train has name 'Shark' and old model, made in USSR times - Registon.

High-speed train "Afrosiab"

Electric train "Afrosiab" was developed in Spain according to the most advanced technologies. It consists of 2 head locomotives, 9 passenger cars and dining car.

There are VIP seats of first and economy classes. All seats are equipped with comfortable reclining chairs, table and footrest, built-in audio and video modules, monitors for watching video and reading lights. There are luggage racks and hangers for clothing above the seats. All zones are the non-smoking areas, lounges are equipped with good noise insulation. In coaches there are also conditions for disabled persons: in the 3rd car there are special fasteners for wheelchairs. In the car, "Bistro" you can order soft drinks, coffee or tea, menu with oriental and European dishes is also offered.
The total capacity of the train is 257 persons. The maximum train speed - 250 km / h, the train will cover the distance from Tashkent to Samarkand in 344 km for 2 hours.
Engine drivers and the staff of the high-speed train have been trained mainly at the factory of "Talgo" and "RENFE" (Spain) companies.

Express train "Sharq"

Sharq - from Uzbek is translated as "East" and it can be laconically said that it's a real "Orient Express". It connects three ancient cities of the East: Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara. Unlike common trains running on this segment of the path, it covers the same distance, but less than five hours. The train consists of comfortable wagons: wagon-lit, 1class, and 2 class, as well as the buffet car. During the route, the passengers are served a wide range of soft and alcoholic drinks and a light breakfast (included in ticket price).
First of all the conveniences attract the attention of the inhabitants of the republic, as well as tourists. The features are great staff and of course the cars, fully meeting the requirements of sanitary norms on lighting, ergonomics, microclimate, noise, and vibration, and traffic safety at speed up to 160 kilometers per hour.

Updated on May 15, 2020

Due to heavy coronavirus outbreak, the trains schedule was temporarily closed, and re-opened only on May 18th. Some off-road/non-touristic train schedule haven't been published yet.

Uzbekistan train schedule

The schedule of trains outside of Uzbekistan is still closed as on May 23d