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The Palace of Duke Romanov

  Romanov Palace was built for the Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich by architects V.S Heinzelmann and A.L Benua in 1891.

  It was a two-story building of burnt gray-yellow brick, there was a basement inside. Japanese garden with fruit trees was planted by famous Tashkent botanist and pharmacist I. Krause on the territory of the palace, there were also constructed summerhouses. There were three rooms with paintings from the collection of Grand Duke Nicholas and marble statues inside the building. Another room consisted from the collection of Nicholas Konstantinovich: orders, medals, rings, bracelets, silver and gold jewelry, ivory toys etc. The third room was decorated in an oriental style by Bukhara, Afghan, Turkmen and Persian carpets. There also were pictures of famous artists, depicting scenes from the life of Asia.

  The dining room was on the ground floor; its ceiling was painted with gold decoration and inscriptions - prayers from the Koran. A large dining table, massive chairs of leather were in the centre of the room. Objects of “Khiva campaign” were stored in another small room: antique books and pictures, statues and many other valuable items.

  The Palace of Duke Romanov is decorated with ornamental turrets and openwork lattices. There are two sculptures of dogs at the entrance of the building and bronze deer are on both sides of the stairs. Before the beginning of 1990 there were Republic Palace of Pioneers and a museum of antiques and jewelry Uzbekistan. Nowadays, a very beautiful and unusual building – the palace of Duke Romanov is used as a Reception House of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.


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