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The Theatre «Ilkhom»

  The Theatre «Ilkhom» was founded in 1976 by the director Mark Weil, who was its artistic director until 2007. "Maskharaboz-76" is the first theatrical performance made in the tradition of street theatre. «ILkhom» is one of the first professional theatres in the former Soviet Union’s territory.

  Theatre hall accommodates 150 visitors. There has been a School of Dramatic Art since 1989. Its masters are the leading actors of «ILkhom», highly qualified experts of various profiles. After graduating, the students become members of theatrical troupe. The performances “Happy beggars” and "White White Black Stork" are very popular among viewers.

  Theatre «ILkhom» is not only famous for its theatrical performances but also different projects. Music and theatre festivals, exhibitions of young artists are held here.

  As Mark Weil said, there were three stages of the theatre development:

  The first stage began in 1976 when the first tours of the theatre took place in Moscow. The repertoire of "Ilkhom" drew a wide response. The main performances of this period are: "Duck Hunt" by A. Vampilov, "Petty Bourgeois Wedding" by B. Brecht and "A scene at the fountain" by S. Zlotnikov.

  The second stage of the theatre development refers to the 1990. The performances of this period are "Ragtime for Clowns" by M. Weil, "Clomadeus" by M. Weil, and "Petrushka" (based on Stravinsky's ballet "Petrushka").

  The third stage begins with the beginning of an independent Uzbekistan. According to Mark Weil, the performance “Happy beggars” is the best example of that period. The director said: “The traditional masks of the genre and Uzbek maskharaboz are alive”. This period also includes: "White White Black Stork", "Imitation of the Koran".

  Nowadays, theatre «Ilkhom» develops two directions: classic and modern drama. The performances of Theatre «ILkhom» were presented in such countries as France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Norway, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, USA, Japan and many cities of Russia.

  The repertoire of the theatre "Ilkhom":

 - 1992 "Happy beggars” by Carlo Gozzi, directed by Mark Weil

 - 1998 "White White Black Stork" by Abdullah Kadiri, Director: Mark Weil

 - 1999 "Free novel" by Alexander Pushkin, Director: Mark Weil

 - 2004 "Laboratory of Chekhov" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Mark Weil

 - 2005 "What happened at the zoo?" by Edward Albee, Directed: Mark Weil

 -2006 (New version) "Tortilla Flat" by John Steinbeck, directed by Mark Weil

 - 2010 "Seven Moons" by Navoi, Director: Vladimir Pankov

 - 2011 "Plus minus twenty", directed by Boris Gafurov

 - 2011 "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, directed by Alain Lustina, Zinaida Melkonian

 - 2012 " Nietzsche's Zarathustra," directed by Ovlyakuli Hodzhakuli

 - 2012 (new version) "Imitation of the Koran" by Alexander Pushkin, Director: Mark Weil

 - 2013 "Rain outside the wall" by Yuri Claudiev, directed by Vladimir Pankov

  Address: Shayhontoxur area, st. Pakhtakorskaya, 5

  Reference point: The Pahtakor stadium, the hotel «Domina Shodlik Palace»

  Day off: Monday

  Phone: +99871 2412241, +99871 2440403

  The company AnurTour is close to the theatre  «Ilkhom». If you want to enjoy one of its great performances, we will be glad to help you in obtaining the tickets. ;-)



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