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Chimgan Mountains

Chimgan Mountains, located just 80 km north-east of Tashkent, are the most popular holiday places of both local people and visitors from other countries. The low (average height is 1,500 m) mountain range in the western part of the Tian Shan Mountains is famous as one of the best winter resorts in Asia. Many holiday villages and hotels, a lot of hiking and ski routes, as well as popular slopes for climbing were laid in the mountains. Big Chimgan (3309 m) from the origin of climbing is known as one of the best places for climbing, Brichmulla, glorified in songs, still attracts thousands of tourists, dozens of trails pass through Gulkam Gorge, Mazarsay Gorge, by the top of Kumbel and Charvak reservoir to the geological outcrops Kyzyl-Jar, through the passes Akshuran, Tahtadzhailyau, Urtakumbel, Chetkumbel to Beldersay in the valleys Nurekata and Sandalash to Chatkal mountains to Chatkal Biosphere Reserve (Ugam-Chatkal included in the list of reserves of global significance by UNESCO), and numerous mountain villages are small climatic resorts, ski slopes are located near them, and in summer the mountain slopes attract paragliders.


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