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Olay bazaar

  Alay bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars of the city. Trade caravans to China, India, Europe, and the Middle East passed through the bazaar over the century. It was the cultural and social center for residents of Uzbekistanand guests of the capital, where local people came to find out the latest news about life in other countries.

  Like majority oriental bazaars, Alay bazaar is famous for its vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, spices and oriental sweets. There is a special counter for packaging of purchases over long distances. Guests of the capital often take famous Uzbek melons, watermelons, grapes, salt almonds, sweet pistachios. Alay bazaar is very convenient for local people because here you can buy everything your heart desires: ripe fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, sweets, dried fruits etc.

  There is also a big pavilion where you can buy different and beautiful jewelries and other things that can be purchased as souvenir about sunny Uzbekistan. Having come at Alay bazaar, guests of the capital pass through the majestic archway, reminding that it is not just a bazaar but also a monument of Tashkent.


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