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Polish Catholic Church

  Polish Catholic Church (Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) is a cathedral church of the apostolic administrations of Uzbekistan. Its construction was begun in 1912 in Tashkent on the initiative of the priest Iustin Bonaventure Pranaitis designed by famous Polish architect Ludwig Panchakevicha.

  Originally the Catholic Church was built by the soldiers, serving in Tashkent. Later to its construction were involved prisoners, among them were skilled engineers, masons and sculptors. In 1926 the church was closed, the building was abandoned and destroyed. Until 1950 it was a medical school, and then warehouse of “Medical tekhnology”. In 1976, the building was restored by order of the authorities. In 1981 the church was declared an architectural and historical monument of Uzbekistan.

  In 1993 the church building was completely restored under the leadership of the architect and the engineer Sergei Adam Alexander Ponomarev.

  Crypt-chapel is the oldest room of the church, located on the first floor. There is the main hall on the second floor where festive and weekend Masses are held. The figure of Christ is in the altar area, made by Tashkent artist Adamov and sculptor Ryabtsev.

  Nowadays, the cathedral is opened for visit where the church services in English, Russian and Korean languages are held.


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