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The "Anchor" Canal

  The "Anhor" Canal means «large irrigation canal», located in Tashkent. It flows into the lake of the National Park A. Navoi. In pre-revolutionary sources the canal was called “Angor”. There are several versions about the origin of this name: "Anzor" – “grape”, “Angor” – “field”, “Anhar” – “rivers”.

  At the end of the XIX centuries, Anhor was the boundary between old town and the new part of the city. In 1913 the first modern bridge Urda was built in Tashkent. Originally it was a wooden, made of brick.

  There are the memorial complex "Courage", residential district Urda, concert hall “Turkestan”, the building of the President’s office and residence of the president of Uzbekistan “Aksaray”, the Senate building, the stadium “Pahtakor”, square on the banks of the Anhor canal. There were an old Tashkent fortress and Kokand fortress Urda formerly.

  Walking along this beautiful and quiet place, you can admire all above listed attractions of the city and hide from the scorching heat in the shadow of beautiful trees.

  The “Anchor” Canal is beautiful in all seasons. Summer is a popular place for swimmers, and white snow in winter, covering the crowns of trees, gives more beauty to the landscape. 


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