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State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan

  State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan is located in Tashkent. It was established in July 12, 1876. The museum collection consists of 400 000 items, 300,000 of them are insects, 11000 - herbarium sheets, as well as many other zoological and geological materials.

The museum has four sections:

- Department of Geology and Geography

- Departments of flora and fauna

- Scientific and Educational Department

- Stock departmen.

  Invaluable collection funds were collected by expeditions for many years. Thus, the Museum of Nature of the Republic of Uzbekistan became the main museum of the country. The museum exposition has many exhibits of the origin of the first life on Earth, nature and the natural resources of the Republic.

   Funds of the museum consisted of the departments of geology, zoology, geography, botany, numismatics and archeology as well as military-history and art departments. Later the exhibits of military history and art departments were transferred to the Art Museum and the Museum of the Revolution.

  The State Museum of Nature of Uzbekistan consists of botanical, zoological, geological and entomological collections, serving as basic and supplementary material for creation and replenishment of museum exhibits as well as scientific resource for specialists in the field of the museum. The museum collection also has rich botanical collections, herbaria, various specimens of trees of Central Asia. There are minerals in the geological section of the museum. Paleontology collection consists of fish, insects, snails, shells, pieces of plants, pieces of trees, as well as dinosaur bones

  Today, the museum is doing a great scientific and educational work: museum staff read informative lectures, organize exhibitions in many palaces of culture, schools, high schools, rest homes, parks of culture and recreation.




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