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The Museum of Astronomy

 The Museum of Astronomy was opened on December 16, 2009 in Central Asia in honor of the 615th anniversary of the great ancestor Mirzo Ulugbek.

There is a rarity (a telescope of the famous English master James Short) in one section of the museum. The instrument was invented by the famous physicist Isaak Newton. The octant (the predecessor of the modern sextant) is unique exhibit, designed by the mechanic Hadley. There is also a marine chronometer, invented by London watchmaker Harrison in XVIII century, which attracts interest among fans of antiques.

 The exposition of the museum has the portraits of the greatest astronomers, pictures of the planets and stars, as well as the exhibit of modern Uzbek astronomy which studies not only the Earth but other planets of solar system. The sensational world discovery was made by Uzbek scientists: the theory of the planet formation around young stars was proved.

The Astronomical Institute of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established asTashkent Astronomical Observatory in 1873. The building is the oldest scientific institution on the territory of Central Asia.

In addition to the above, the workers of the Institute are engaged not only in scientific research activities but improving the quality of astronomy teaching. The Astronomy Museum was created in collaboration with UNESCO. It is another striking example of the development of space research and propaganda of Mirzo Ulugbek’s heritage. Here you can see different instruments, telescopes and documents.

Having visited the Museum of Astronomy, you will make so-called journey into the wonderful world of astronomy and introduce with Mirzo Ulugbek’s heritage.  


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