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Academic Russian Drama Theatre

  Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistanwas founded in 1934. Vasily Chirkin and Michael Karlovich Vulkonsky are its organizers.

 The first premiere took place in 1934. It was the play "Intervention" by Lev Slavin, then there were plays of V. Vishnevsky, A. Arbuzov, F. Schiller, V. Hugo, William Shakespeare, J. B. Moliere, K. Goldoni, A. Pushkin, M. Lermontov, A. Chekhov, A. Tolstoy, Hamza and A. Kahhar. Actor troupe of the theatre is its gold fund, property, authority and talent. At the end of the 60 there were military and civilian clubs in the cities, as well as the collection of the dramatic and musical-dramatic circles. Many of these clubs tried to attract more viewers. Plays  of A.N. Ostrovsky were the most popular. In 1903 the plays "Philistines" and “At the bottom” were played by  the largest troupe of Z.A.Malinovskaya .

  As mentioned above, the artistic director Vasily Chirkin and director Michael Karlovich Vulkonsky are the people who did a lot for the development of the theatre culture. From 1934 to 1939 Vasily Chirkin made 16 performances. The brightest of them are "Crazy Day or Figaro’s Marriage”, "Othello", "The Storm".

  In 1936 the theatre was named after Maxim Gorky. Tashkent Drama Theatre played a great role in the development of the theatrical culture of Uzbekistan. It has always been a connecting link between Russian and Uzbek theatre arts. So, at the end of 1930, the artistic troupe began show the works of Uzbek authors, the best of them was the play “Bay and Farm hand” by Hamza. Later his equally popular plays "Secrets of the veil" (1956) and “Maysara’s t ricks” (1960) were staged.

  The plays of the great classic Alisher Navoi were staged at the theatre. Here, the viewer can see the plays of different genres, authors from different countries. In 1967 the theatre was awarded the title "Academic".

  Today, the theatre, brought up on the artistic traditions and modern achievements of world theatre, shows the audience its new performances. The activity of Tashkent Russian Drama Theatre is one of the brightest examples of creative of the two national cultures.


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