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The square of memory

  The square of memory and honor is a monument dedicated to soldiers who died during the Great World War. The monument was established in 1999, located at the Independence Square in front of the Eternal Flame. It is known that the War touched every family in Uzbekistan. The monument of mourning mother is an amulet as well as it warns us about the past.

  There used to be the monument of Unknown Soldier. The eternal flame is a sacred place in Independence Square. Every year on May 9 many people come here to remember and honor the memory of the heroes. Looking at the monument you can’t help thinking about the soldiers who died during the war. Mourning mother symbolizes all women who didn’t wait their sons from the war. There are names of soldiers who never returned from the war on the brass pages.

  During the war the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan handed over 650 million rubles, 53 kg. Gold and silver, warm clothes, 2 million pairs boots and shoes. The Uzbek people also sheltered tens of thousands people from Russia, Ukraine and other regions of the former Soviet Union who were evacuated to Uzbekistan. Many orphans were adopted by the Uzbek families.

  Today, the Square of Memory is visited by many people from all over the republic so that to lay the flowers in memory of the soldiers and heroes because thanks to them now we live in peace and harmony.


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