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Tashkent TV Tower.

Tashkent TV Tower.

Tashkent TV Tower is the tallest structure in Central Asia. Its height is 375 meters, and weight is about 6000 tons. In height it is on the 11th place in the world. On 15th August in 1985 it was started – up. Then Tashkent TV tower entered the International Organization of the great towers of the world.

Its main function is the television and radio broadcasting. Professional guides give tours about the history of the tower and other sights of Tashkent. If you get closer to the tower, you will be impressed. The building is equipped with three high - speed elevators in the building, which raise people on 100 metre height.

There are an observation area and restaurant “Koinot”, where you can taste the Uzbek national cuisine in the “Blue hall” and European dishes in the “Red hall”, also you can sit in the bar where you are offered different drinks and enjoy live music. Hence with the height of heaven, you can admire the most beautiful and picturesque views of Tashkent.


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