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Locomotive Museum (Tashkent museum of railway equipment)

  Locomotive Museum (Tashkent museum of railway equipment) was opened in August 4, 1989. There are 13 locomotives, 17 diesel locomotives, 3 electric locomotives as well as samples of repair and construction equipment of XX century in the museum. Three cars have the exhibits of communications, security, clothes of railwaymen of last period.

The museum also has a railway road, two trains, two old cars decorated in an oriental style. Here you can spend an interesting sightseeing tour that allows you to learn the history of the railways, the device of railway locomotives and other equipment.

Locomotive “Ov” (lamb) was put into operation in 1914. It is one of the oldest exhibits. Series E locomotives were produced from 1912 to 1957. “Su” is the first Soviet passenger locomotive. Trophy of the museum is military locomotive TE-52 number 5200 (BR 52), made in Germany during the Second World War.

The exposition of the railway museum includes not only locomotives, which attract tourists. It is known that some of these locomotives took part in shooting. Tashkent museum of railway equipment is the only museum of steam locomotives in Uzbekistan, exposed legendary series of historic steam locomotives.


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