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Abdulkasym Madrasah

  Abdulkasym Madrasah was built in 19th century by means of one of the most respected citizens - Sheikh Abdulkasym. According to history, the building was built not by chance. It is known that in XVIII century, one of the pilgrims brought to Tashkenta few hairs of the Prophet Muhammad. The sacred relic was kept in a special room called “Khanaka Muyi Muborak”. There was an inscription over the entrance: “Rasul’s hairs (Prophet Muhammed) are kept in this building”. The architecture of madrasah is made in medieval traditions. The building façade is decorated with niches and towers-guldasta.

  There is a well-sardoba in the centre of the yard. There used to live students of madrasah. One hundred and fifty students studied here, among whom was an outstanding Uzbek writer Abdulla Kodyri. Today, the madrasah craftsmen make various kinds of souvenirs, as well as they paint boxes with ornaments in east style. Having been here, the tourists don’t know where to look first. Here you can see different and beautiful handicrafts. All these souvenirs tourists can buy here in the memory of the fairy Uzbekistan


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