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The “Bozsu” Canal

  The «Bozsu» Canal is the largest and main canal in Tashkent, supplied with water most channels in Tashkent. It originates from the river Chirchik. Hydroelectric power station was built on “Bozsu” Channel in 1930; its waters were used as artificial lake for local people. Today, “Bozsu” Canal is one of the reservoirs of Tashkent water system.

  The “Bozsu” Canal is one of ancient channels, located on the territory of Tashkent oasis. As mentioned above, it has been the main waterways of Tashkent for many years. “Bozsu” current is south-west. It flows through Kibray district of Tashkent region. The channel also passes through Yunusobod district of Tashkent city. Here it crosses such lines as Amir Temur prospect, Tashkent ring way and Yunusobod metro line. Tashkent TV Tower, aquapark, Memorial to the victims of repression are located on its banks. In the years 1971-1977 “Bozsu” system was reconstructed.

  The “Lower Bozsu” Channel is formed by the confluence of the channels Chorsu and Dzhangob. Its length is about 90 km. It flows through Uchtepa and Tashkent districts.

  The “Bozsu” Canal has about 25 outlets. In the beginning of XX century, 12 of them supplied with water lands of Tashkent: Anchor, Salar, Karasu Yalangach, Ivish and others. Most of these outlets still exist.


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