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Said Alauddin Mausoleum

  Said Alauddin Mausoleum is one of the most historic buildings in Central Asia. The exact date of the mausoleum’s construction doesn’t exist. It is said that the mausoleum was built in the middle of 14th century. There is an inscription which says that the mausoleum was built by Sheikh Said Mir Kulol. The mausoleum consists of two rooms: khanaka and tomb of Said Alauddin. There is a small entrance portal, covered a vast dome. Tombstone is faced with tiles, adorned with floral designs and inscriptions in Arabic.

  A square building (ziyarathana) was attached to the mausoleum on the left side. The decor and architecture of the building is quite simple. There are not any fancy elements; even the walls of the building are made of brick. However, during the excavations architects found the elements of carved pottery, preserved from the original building.

  In 1825 the building was restored. Portal of zirathana is decorated with calligraphic verses, saying that restoration was done by the orders of Allakuli Khan (1825-1842). During the restoration works masonry was strengthen, as well as a lot of work was done on the restoration of the original appearance of the mausoleum. Colored majolica was made in the best traditions of Khorezm’s art of XIV century.


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