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Uzbek cuisine

Garnet – the Oriental “king” of fruits
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Garnet is one of the ancient fruits known to a man. It was popular in the Middle East, it was known in ancient Rome. Motherland of the garnet is South Africa and Central Asia.In the East the garnet is...

Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Delicious, fragrant, baked to brown crust samsa, like a bright sun in the hands of an experienced chef - perhaps one of the most famous dishes in the region of Central Asia, which enjoys a special hon...

Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

  Sumalyak is a festive dish of Uzbek cuisine, prepared from sprouted wheat. As a rule it is prepared during the celebration of Navruz. In ancient time sumalyak was prepared before spring plantin...

Dairy products of Uzbekistan
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Milk in Uzbekistan is the starting ingredient for producing many different products. It’s kaymak, katyk, suzma, kurt and interesting drinks as ayran, chalop, goudja and even soups. The methods o...

Uzbek bread
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Bread is a very important staple for Uzbek people at all times. The bakers are baking round bread with love and doing their best. That’s why round bread whether for wedding, holiday or for every...

Uzbek wine
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Wine in Uzbekistan has been known from ancient times. It’s full of taste drink which also can be useful. While drinking you get pleasure and make your health stronger. Avicenna noted that red wi...

Samsa - honorable dish of the Uzbek cuisine
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is a kind of branch of applied art and, perhaps, the rich cuisine ofCentral Asia. Its main distinctive and the most piquant feature is the intensive use of the meat. You know that only i...

Pilaf - uzbek national dish
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

As is known Uzbek cuisine is closely connected with the Uzbek culture, traditions and language. Since ancient times the Uzbek people led as nomadic and sedentary life, which prompted to borrowing of c...

Halva is the oriental sweet.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Halva is the most popular oriental sweet, it is wide-spread in countries of the Middle East and the Balkans. In Arabic, halva means "sweetness". Originally this gorgeous dessert were prepared  in...

Sherbet - favorite drink of the famous Scheherezade.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Sherbet – is oriental sweet, in Arabic «sharba» means “drink”, has a very refreshing taste and aroma. In ancient times it was a spicy drink that is sold in the Middle Eas...

Dried melon is the constant attribute of the eastern tea.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

One of the constant attributes of the eastern tea is dried melon. This wonderful product differs not only with taste, but it has the properties that give beauty, strength and health. It is believed th...

Winery in Samarkand
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

 "The truth is hiding in the wine,It is a constant view of mine.Wine may taste bitter as my life,But it can cause a lot of drive.And every morning at the dawnI feel as if I'm on the throne.A crys...

Uzbek dishes
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

A wide usage of meat is peculiar to the Uzbek national cuisine. Traditionally the Uzbek prefer mutton, they eat beef very seldom, and more rarely they use horse meat for cooking some kinds of meal (bo...


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