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Pilaf - uzbek national dish

Published: 21 november 2014

As is known Uzbek cuisine is closely connected with the Uzbek culture, traditions and language. Since ancient times the Uzbek people led as nomadic and sedentary life, which prompted to borrowing of culinary traditions and variety of dishes. During its thousand-year history, the Uzbek cuisine had got its own specific feature, that’s why it is so popular abroad.

 Today we will speak about one of the main traditional Uzbek dishes – pilaf. Uzbek pilaf is one of the achievements of Uzbek cuisine. This honor and favorite dish is cooked for each event inUzbekistan. If the pilaf is cooked without any cause, it is cooked by women, if there is a festive event, it is cooked by men or special master on pilaf cooking – ashpaz. There are many recipes of this wonderful dish. The Uzbek cuisine has more than 60 recipes. Each region ofUzbekistanhas its own unique recipe of this honorable dish, creating its unforgettable taste and flavor, as the secrets of its preparation are not only technology but also ingredients. Usually the pilaf is cooked from rice, meat, onion, carrot and spices. However, lamb can be replaced to other meat: kazi, fat of tail, chicken, pheasant, quail.

 There are mentions in ancient sources, that first of all the pilaf was the food of rich people, as ordinary people cooked it only on holidays. Talking about Uzbek pilaf, one can say surely, that it is one of the honorable dishes of the Uzbek people, combining the whole color of national Uzbek cuisine.






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