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Archive of Blog: September 2019

Chapan - both traditional and fashionable wardrobe item!
Rubric: Handicrafts
Published: 17 september 2019

Download in PDF    If we talk about Uzbek national clothes, then chapan and skullcap immediately come to mind. Let`s tal abou about chapan today.   Without false modesty, this is a unique item of clothing that will warm you in the worst cold and protect you even on the hottest day.   So what is chapan? In the past, he was considered part of an exclusively male wardrobe, but in the modern world, women have not deprived him of their attention. Externally, it is a simple cut gown with straight sleeves, without buttons or clasps. However, in the chest area there are two ribbons that can be tied . On the sides of the hips are vertical cuts, so as not to hinder movement when walking. The dressing gown is overlapped, so that the chapan protects its wearer from the piercing wind. For warmth, a pad of cotton or camel wool is usually used. The entire chapan cloth is hand-quilte...

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