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Archive of Blog: November 2015

Minaret, a symbol of East
Published: 04 november 2015

Minaret is one of the most interesting and mysterious forms of Oriental architecture. It’s a mandatory element of urban architecture and often is a symbol of the city. The word ‘minaret’ or Arabic ‘minara’ means ‘place where something is lit’, or ‘emanating light’. We are talking about spiritual light that symbolizes human soul. Minarets constructions  Most researchers consider Syria to be the place where minaret first appeared in Islamic architecture. The first minaret was with quadrangular plan and after some time it took more rounded shape. On the territory of Central Asia construction of minarets began after Islam spreading.  But before this time we can also see special towers of different types on the territory of Central Asia. They mostly were the part of the fortress wall. There were also Burji towers in each city wit...

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