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Archive of Blog: March 2015

Vanishing Asian Sea
Rubric: Nature of Uzbekistan

It is considered that the Aral Sea is just 10 000 years old. When the riverbed of Amu Dariya and Syr Dariya divided the Turan lowland was filled with their water. The scientist considered that during ...

Jewelry of Turkish women
Rubric: Handicrafts

Turkish women liked jewelry very much and wore them from ancient time. Zargar (jeweler) was famous profession, but his work was very difficult. Master had to have a sense of colors, special taste and ...

Uzbek bread
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Bread is a very important staple for Uzbek people at all times. The bakers are baking round bread with love and doing their best. That’s why round bread whether for wedding, holiday or for every...

Emir Zindan
Rubric: Architectural monuments

Zindan (“zina” - "crime" and “dan” – “room”) in Persian means an underground prison. It’s the most mysterious monument of Bukhara built in XVIII century...