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Archive of Blog: June 2012

The Aydarkul lake
Published: 12 june 2012

Aydarkul is a large drainless lake in the northeastern part of Uzbekistan, it is the artificial reservoir in the Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes. It occupies 4000 Today it has an area of 3000 square kilometers. Its length is almost 250 km, and width – to 15 km.Aydarkul is located far from populated areas. About 345 families (approximately 1760 people) live near the lake. That is why it is very calm in this area.The Aydarkul area has a great potential for fishing, cattle-breeding and, of course, tourism.While arriving in Aydarkul, you feel the unrestrained rapture. From one side there is a poor desert South Kyzylkums, and from another side there is blue water, behind which there are the Pistalitau Mountains, and further there is the Nurata ridge. Water takes about 200 km. of the mountains. Before, there were alkaline lands, and then the lakes appeared. The lakes were formed by ...

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