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Archive of Blog: April 2016

Tashkent in paintings of XIX century
Published: 11 april 2016

We can observe Tashkent in many paintings of artists XIX - XX century. Works of Richard-Karl Karlovich Zommer (1866-1939) deserves special attention. The artist doesn’t hide his admiration and delight and depicts sunny Tashkent, beautiful landscape and shows daily life of local people. Zommer’s art Zommer is the author of a large number of paintings and graphic works that have predominantly genre-ethnographic character. He shows scenes of everyday life of ordinary people, old quarters of Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent. The pictures accurately convey the mood and the special atmosphere of the time. Since 1894 his works are exhibited at the St. Petersburg exhibition, as well as at Russian and Tashkent annual exhibitions. Other artists Old Tashkent was clearly expressed in the works of Werbowy, I. Golovin, V. Krylova, V. Rozwadowski, N. Grechaninovv, Kazakov, S. Yudin, N. ...

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