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The great people

Tashkent in paintings of XIX century
Rubric: The great people

We can observe Tashkent in many paintings of artists XIX - XX century. Works of Richard-Karl Karlovich Zommer (1866-1939) deserves special attention. The artist doesn’t hide his admiration and d...

Bukhara in famous watercolours
Rubric: The great people

Bukhara is a unique city where craft has always been art. There were and are many remarkable artists here and each is working in its own style. Some prefer drawing large canvases, others try to imitat...

Women of the East by Shakhnoz Abdullaeva
Rubric: The great people

Shakhnoz Abdullaeva is a famous Uzbek artist. The main themes of her works are the women of the East – legendary poetesses, queens and goddesses. Her works fascinate by its elegant color combina...

Roxana, a wife of Alexander the Great
Rubric: The great people

Alexander the Great longed for the Orient and he started all-Hellenic campaign. He was surprised by heroic resistance from the locals but it was ruthlessly suppressed. But all resistances were suppres...

Amir Timur
Rubric: The great people

The great military leader Amir Timur (Tamerlane) was born April 9, 1336 in Khoja-Ilgar village, Kesh (now Karshi, Uzbekistan). The founder played a significant role in the history of Central, South an...

Mirzo Ulugbek
Rubric: The great people

Mirzo Ulugbek is the statesman, an outstanding scientist, great astronomer and mathematician, grandson of the famous ruler and Commander Amir Timur, was born March 22, 1394 in Sultaniya city (Azerbaij...


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