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Archive of Blog: April 2013

Dried melon is the constant attribute of the eastern tea.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

One of the constant attributes of the eastern tea is dried melon. This wonderful product differs not only with taste, but it has the properties that give beauty, strength and health. It is believed th...

Sherbet - favorite drink of the famous Scheherezade.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Sherbet – is oriental sweet, in Arabic «sharba» means “drink”, has a very refreshing taste and aroma. In ancient times it was a spicy drink that is sold in the Middle Eas...

Halva is the oriental sweet.
Rubric: Uzbek cuisine

Halva is the most popular oriental sweet, it is wide-spread in countries of the Middle East and the Balkans. In Arabic, halva means "sweetness". Originally this gorgeous dessert were prepared  in...