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Sherbet - favorite drink of the famous Scheherezade.

Published: 17 april 2013

Sherbet – is oriental sweet, in Arabic «sharba» means “drink”, has a very refreshing taste and aroma. In ancient times it was a spicy drink that is sold in the Middle East. It was made of fruits. It’s said that it was  favorite drink of the famous Scheherezade.

In the 16 century this delicacy came to Europe, and here it became a very popular. It was used not only as a drink but it was eaten with spoon. Nowadays sherbet refers to the eastern sweets, resembling soft candy, often it is prepared from condensed milk, and also it is a creamy fondant with different ingredients - raisins, nuts, vanilla and other spices. Some kinds of fruit ice - creams have the name sherbet.Thanks to these ingredients it is very nourishing. Fruit juice, puree, water, sugar, milk and cream, sometimes eggs are used to prepare sherbet. Tasting this oriental sweet you will sure enjoy with its taste and plunge into the world of fairy-tale fantasy.  

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