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Published: 04 june 2018
  Sumalyak is a festive dish of Uzbek cuisine, prepared from sprouted wheat. As a rule it is prepared during the celebration of Navruz. In ancient time sumalyak was prepared before spring planting. This traditional Uzbek dish is cooked in a kettle on cottonseed oil with the addition of flour for 20-24 hours. It is noteworthy that for the preparation of this dish people use stones. There is a legend, who will find the stone, he must make a wish and it will come true.

  There are also several legends about the origin of sumalyak. One of them says: people, who settled in Central Asia, engaged in farming. Once extremely severe cold came in winter, of course people were not ready to such bitter cold. Food stocks run out. People had to gather sprouted wheat grains and cook food from stocks. Having tasted unappetizing dish, defenders of the city felt burst of force and energy, that began to defend from enemies. After that they made a fighting retreat and left the city.

  Today, there is a custom to treat this festive dish neighbors and friends. There is also a belief, if you taste sumalyak of seven boilers, you will be certainly happy.

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