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Uzbek legends and mythes

Legend about Minaret Kalyan
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Minaret Kalyan is the main symbol of holly Bukhara.Minaret Kalyan is strong, majestic and balanced in its monumental and a little bit massive shapes. At the same time it is distinct, clear and filigre...

Legend of khan-atlas
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Khan-atlas is traditional uzbek fabric, made from dense silk. The fabric has interesting complex netting. And it’s coloring made by natural dyes. There’re a lot of legends about khan-atlas...

Samarkand bread
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Samarkand flat bread is famous for its inimitable in its taste and features not to get stale for a long time. Real Samarkand bread should be eligible during three years. So, one should sprinkle the br...

Origin of the name Samarkand
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

 There is no the unquestionable name of the ancient city of the planet. The encyclopaedist Beruniy and the scientist Makhmud Koshgariy discussed about the name Samarkand in XI century. There are ...

Legend of Shah-i-Zinda necropolis
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

One of the world-famous ancient burial places of Central Asia Shahi Zinda is located in the north-east of Samarkand. Ensemble includes mausoleums and other religious buildings 11-14, and 19th centurie...

Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

  «Alpamysh» is nation heroic epic in the Turk people. This epic tale about the hero Alpamysh and his exploits, formed in 14-17 centuries, when the people of Central Asia waged a stru...

Central Asian Bullock-cart
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Bullock-cart or Arba was the main of transport in Central Asia and, in particular, in Uzbekistan for a long time. Selected types of carts pictured as petroglyphs confirm their invention in great antiq...

Where’s situated fairyland “Susambil”?
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Tales has main place in Uzbek national folk art. Not only children are reading them – aged people also like to do it. There’s a great depth of meaning in the tales and reading them, you c...

Legend about Uzbek palov
Rubric: Uzbek legends and mythes

Uzbek palov is the meal of real connoisseurs of the Eastern cuisine. None of the events in Uzbekistan is held without cooking palov. The Uzbek national cuisine has more than 100 recipes of Uzbek palov...


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