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Where’s situated fairyland “Susambil”?

Published: 03 july 2018

Fairyland SusambilTales has main place in Uzbek national folk art. Not only children are reading them – aged people also like to do it.

There’s a great depth of meaning in the tales and reading them, you can find out many interesting things about life of common people. In masked form people are telling about their feelings, desires and secret ideas.

There’re strong djahangirs, all-powerful genies, evil beasts and cunning kaziy and vezirs. Honest and young djigit (man) is the main hero in all tales. Usually he falls in love with noble girl and they pass all difficulties together. They use small tricks, nature sharpness and fearlessness.

Fairyland Susambil

Well, not only men are main heroes – they often masked by animals’ image. The best example is the tale about fairyland Susambil. What is this, where’s it situated and why did our heroes want to get there?

The fairyland described in the tale in short but it’s enough for willing to live there. “There’s large pasture with pure water and thick grass. And nobody will bother you.”– told the donkey and ox. Well, but how we can get there? Our heroes managed to find this place and meet new friends.

They are a cock, bees and jerboas who were tired from hungriness and deep hurt. Together they forgot about their grief and came to fairyland where they lived long and happy. 

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