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Religious monuments

Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh
Rubric: Religious monuments

Travel lovers are a very special category of people who appreciate new experiences, discovering the culture and traditions of new countries. Tours to Uzbekistan are made specifically for such traveler...

Saint place of Burchi-mulla
Rubric: Religious monuments

Whenever going to Burchi-mulla it is reasonable to visit one saint place. It is situated almost at the start of this village. Having stopped in the road you have to go down. What is the most interest...

Seven sacred Sufis of Bukhara
Rubric: Religious monuments

  Bukhara is the city where many thinkers, scientists, theologians, and poets lived. One of them is Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna). He is the author of many interesting works in the field ...

Religious monument Karatepa
Rubric: Religious monuments

Karatepa– religious centre, from Uzbek means “black hill”, situated in the north-west corner of the ancient city Termez, its square is 7 hectares. The centre consists of temples and ...


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