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Religious monuments

Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh
Published: 06 february 2019

Travel lovers are a very special category of people who appreciate new experiences, discovering the culture and traditions of new countries. Tours to Uzbekistan are made specifically for such travelers. They are filled with the wisdom of the East, millennial traditions, beautiful and mysterious monuments of architecture, which are the heritage by our ancestors. One of these monuments is the madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh, located in the sunny city of Tashkent. Madrasah is translated from arabic as “to study” and is a Muslim educational institution for future clergymen, teachers and government workers. Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh was built in 1850 and was part of the Khonakoyi Muyi Muborak ensemble's complex. In the period before 1864, it was one-story, but after a well-known earthquake, it was decided to finish the second floor. Before the earthquake, a mosque, a men's bath ...

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Saint place of Burchi-mulla
Published: 14 july 2015

Whenever going to Burchi-mulla it is reasonable to visit one saint place. It is situated almost at the start of this village. Having stopped in the road you have to go down. What is the most interesting about this place? First of all it is its location. Not many people know about it. Second the popularity of this place. Coming once you can notice there are not many people there as it can be seen in such kind of places. Legends The legend says that Prophet once was going across these mountains. There was the namaz time but he couldn’t make washing before pray. So he asked God to help him. God said him to put his hand on the ground, so he did and from each finger one small source started to come. So in this place you can see 5 sources – one is big like our thumb and others smaller like other fingers. The coming water is helpful in many cases like local people say. You can be...

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Seven sacred Sufis of Bukhara
Published: 02 november 2014

  Bukhara is the city where many thinkers, scientists, theologians, and poets lived. One of them is Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna). He is the author of many interesting works in the field of medicine, psychology, mathematics, logic, physics, music, poetry, zoology. "Canon of Medicine" is his greatest creation. Al-Hasan al-Basri is theorist, psychologist, who preached the selfless love of God. It was his distinguishing feature of Sufi ideology.   There are seven sacred Sufies in Bukhara. As a rule the tour starts from the grave ofSheikh Abdul-Khaliq Abd Al Gijduvani, who founded School of the Central Asian Sufism. He always took a view that every imam must have his own job. There is Ulugbek madrasah near the new mosque, where pilgrims can pray.   Muhammad Arif Ar Revgary began to learn Sufizm very early. When he was 19, he taught philosophy. His manuscript ...

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Religious monument Karatepa
Published: 02 may 2013

Karatepa– religious centre, from Uzbek means “black hill”, situated in the north-west corner of the ancient city Termez, its square is 7 hectares. The centre consists of temples and monasteries, which were built at the beginning of the II century BC. The main feature of these complexes is the combination of cave structures and land structures from clay and dry grass, and also of bricks. Buddhist center Karatepa consisted of ground-cave (western and southern peaks Karatepa) and ground (northern peak) structures. According to the archeological researches, there was the second floor (there was found stairs). Limestone and carved ganj were used in architectural decoration. Interior of Karatepa was decorated with ornamental painting on plaster and sculptures of clay. The greatest prosperity the cult centre Karatepa received in II-III centuries, but in the IV-V centuries most...

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